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My name is Will Jack Robinson and I am primarily a Motion Graphics Animator and a Film Maker. Animation, film and design are my passions and I use these mediums to tell stories and deliver messages.

As well as being a freelancer in my own right I am proud to collaborate with The Observatory and Studio_M based in Jersey, Channel Islands (www.theobservatory.je & www.thestudiom.com) . This makes going to work an absolute pleasure, being surrounded by passionate creatives makes collaboration a pleasure. 

I have produced motion for top ranking sportsmen such as Bradley Wiggins, professional musicians such as Jamie Morrison of the Stereophonics and animated a video with Jamie Lawson playing his Christmas single, collaborated with reality star and fashion entrepreneur Oliver Proudlock, business firms such as Specsavers and HSBC, brands such as St.DuPont and Fiskars, apps the largest Blackjack game on the apple market, television commercials for music festivals alongside stage screens, large scale museum exhibitions (for the largest Celtic coin hoard ever found), produced a 60m long animation olympic athletes rang alongside for Super League. Helped to re-launch Jersey’s new tourism brand and more. 

With the variety of projects I work on, I approach them all with the same goal: To create something that compliments what you do.

If you are interested in what I can do for you get in touch at will@submarinecreative.co.uk.