About // Submarine Creative


My name is Will Jack Robinson and I am a freelance Animator/Designer. My animation journey started from a young age and has led to where I am now. Picking up a lot of experience and a BA in Animation Production from the Arts University Bournemouth along the way. I always keep my motto at the forefront of my mind: "Work hard for the opportunity to be lucky".

I am proud to be working as an Animator in a collective called The Observatory based in Jersey, Channel Islands (www.beobserved.com) . The Observatory was founded in 2006 and has evolved into a close-knit collaboration of designers, technologists and thinkers. We believe in the importance of taking a thoughtful approach to considered design.

While collaborating with the Observatory I have produced work for luxury brands, television commercials, top ranking sportsmen, professional musicians, business firms, apps, large scale museum exhibitions, helping to re-launch Jersey’s new tourism brand, festival animation and more. With the variety of projects I work with I approach them all with the same goal: To make whatever you do, look great. 

If you are interested in what I can do for you get in touch.